Services and Prices

Prices for rooms

The prices differ according to the reservation period and duration of stay.

Single rooms from € 25.00
Twin rooms from € 50.00
Prices are per room, per night.

For one night only:
Single room € 40.00
Twin room € 60.00

Breakfast can be booked for € 10.00/day/person. Breakfast is free for accompanied children under 12 years.

During the Fair as well as before and after the exhibitions prices can differ greatly.

Payment: The invoice can be paid via money transfer to our bank account or cash during your stay. We accept EC- /V-pay Maestro Visa and Mastercard (no American Express).

Bike Service

Would you like to rent a bicycle? Just ask!
Prices for bike rental: € 5.00/day – € 20.00/week

There are many options for excursions. Also the way to or from the fairground can be stress reducing if you go by bike, without traffic jams and in fresh air.

Cancellation Requirement

If rooms can be rented out/ resold after being cancelled by you, we will offset the earnings against your account. If that’s not possible we will charge you as follows:

  • Annulations up to 10 days before the planned arrival = no costs
  • Annulations up to 2 days before arrival – we will charge you 50% of the room rate.
  • For annulations 1 day before the planned arrival – we will charge you 80% of the room rate.
  • For not showing up it will be 100% of the room rate.